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Generation cooking

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kama Wed 08-Jun-05 14:38:36

Message withdrawn

zubb Wed 08-Jun-05 14:43:29

christmas pudding - takes ages to make, and is only done every 3 years so you have to make loads, I've been putting off taking over the job but will have to soon!

beansmum Wed 08-Jun-05 14:44:54

One of my friends has a secret lemon cake recipe in her family, only passed on to daughters and never written down. It is the yummiest cake ever.

I'm going to teach ds to cook, and make sure to start a tradition of cut out cookies at every opportunity.

kama Wed 08-Jun-05 15:31:27

Message withdrawn

moondog Wed 08-Jun-05 15:36:06

Yes,lovely idea.. We have Staffordshire oatcakes,Welsh cakes,bara brith and seedcake.

otto Wed 08-Jun-05 15:43:57

We don't really have any special recipes that are handed down, but there are lots of things that I just instinctively know how to cook because I used to cook them with my mom as a child. I always try and get my step-daugther to cook with me when I can drag her away from the TV and will do the same with my ds.

bakedpotato Wed 08-Jun-05 15:48:41

Christmas pudding and C. cake. My mum has doggedly made these for years from olde maternal-line recipe, even though she hates hates raisins/fruitcake. how selfless! (She does like marzipan and brandy butter tho' so there is an incentive of sorts.)
It's a mammoth operation. I'm in no hurry to ask for the recipes, but I know I will.

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