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Bonfire Toffee

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Deemented Thu 01-Oct-09 13:09:36


4oz marg,
8 oz Demera sugar,
2 tablespoons golden syrup,
2 tablespoons black treacle,
squirt of jif lemon juice,
dash of vinagar (optional)

Place everything apart from lemon juice
and vinagar in a heavy pan and melt until
it comes to a 'rolling boil for about 10
minutes, stirring all the time.

Next add the lemon juice and vinagar.

Test by dropping a small spoonful into
a dish of cold water, should set so you
can taste

Place in a lined baking tray and cool before
placing in fridge to set.

carriedababi Thu 01-Oct-09 13:47:16

thanks deemented it sounds wounderful.

yes that will be one of the things i will dosmile

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