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Mango glut .......please help........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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murphyslaw Thu 01-Oct-09 10:37:13

I have another food panic on - the joys of the veg/fruit box delivery hmm

What can I do with them other than smoothies?

Any ideas please

overmydeadbody Thu 01-Oct-09 10:58:51

Eat them you loon

overmydeadbody Thu 01-Oct-09 10:59:14

or puree them to add to ice cream or yoghurt or cereal

overmydeadbody Thu 01-Oct-09 10:59:35

or make a mango cheesecake (unbaked)

overmydeadbody Thu 01-Oct-09 11:00:23

or dice it and add to couscous, cooked chicken, chopped peppers, sauteed onion and cucumber for a lovely salad

overmydeadbody Thu 01-Oct-09 11:01:02

Or make a victoria sponge and fill it with pureed mango and whipped cream and top it with sliced mango

Sunshinemambo Thu 01-Oct-09 11:01:05

Put in foil with some passion fruit and lime and bake in oven for about 10 mins. Serve with coconut icecream (if you can get it).

overmydeadbody Thu 01-Oct-09 11:01:50

or add it to achicken and vegetable stir fry

overmydeadbody Thu 01-Oct-09 11:02:17

raw mango is far far nicer than cooked mango though

thighsmadeofcheddar Thu 01-Oct-09 11:02:20

Delicious in a salad with leftover roast chicken.

Sunshinemambo Thu 01-Oct-09 11:02:30

Or a chicken or prawn salad.

overmydeadbody Thu 01-Oct-09 11:02:59

if your kids take packed lunches to school use it as a sandwitch filling with cream cheese. Especially nice in wraps.

MrsBadger Thu 01-Oct-09 11:02:59

or just freeze in chunks for future use in case of mango drought

overmydeadbody Thu 01-Oct-09 11:03:29

make sweet and sour prawns and add cubed mango once cooked and serve with noodles

overmydeadbody Thu 01-Oct-09 11:03:57

yes re freezing

or send it to me!!!!!!!!

overmydeadbody Thu 01-Oct-09 11:04:24

mango relish with red onion and coriander to serve with curry

overmydeadbody Thu 01-Oct-09 11:06:28

mmmmm mmango <<homer simpson-like drool>>

wukter Thu 01-Oct-09 11:18:50

Or mango salsa like OMDB's except with brown sugar, lime juice and coriander, only gorgeous with chicken or tuna with soy sauce and/or toasted sesame oil. Rice or noodles.

murphyslaw Thu 01-Oct-09 11:46:49

The choices! - Love the sound of so many of your ideas. Am cooking stirfry tonight so will put some in. Then am going to try the oven baked recipe tomorrow now where can I get coconut icecream? grin

RumourOfAHurricane Thu 01-Oct-09 11:51:11

Message withdrawn

overmydeadbody Thu 01-Oct-09 14:00:59

you're welcome anytime shiney, as long as you supply wine grin

RumourOfAHurricane Thu 01-Oct-09 15:50:04

Message withdrawn

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