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Why won't 1yo DD swallow finger foods?

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titferbrains Wed 30-Sep-09 10:18:27

She loves eating things herself but seems to swallow very little. She had an ng tube for 2 months while having chemo and I have been thinking that maybe she has some fear of swallowing lumps now?

Any advice? I'm so tired of cajoling and encouraging, I JUST WANT HER TO EAT NORMALLY! she chews a few cheerios for breakfast, and will suck everything out of a piece of orange, nibbles on apple pieces and breaks it up in her mouth then spits out. At lunch I give her puree mixed with rice and milk with a selection of finger foods. SHe loves sucking on bits of tomato, green beans, yellow peppers, pasta, ham, chicken etc. and I try to give her a bit of what I'm having too. HAtes rice, potato, bread.

I've got to build her up she's tiny what can I do???????

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