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Can anyone identify this jarred courgette thingy?

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Essie3 Mon 28-Sep-09 12:51:40

I got it in a French market some time ago (I ate it) and I think I might have also got some aubergine.
It was with pates and olives, but it was basically courgettes, in slices, with some sort of olive oil. Very tasty and dead useful on sandwiches.

Is it roasted? Or some sort of pickle?

waitingforgodot Mon 28-Sep-09 15:45:12

AKA gherkins?

BlingLoving Mon 28-Sep-09 16:59:18

Roasted or griddled and then in oil? Lots of delis do this with courgettes, peppers or aubergines. Delicious with mozzarella cheese and a bit of pesto.

Essie3 Mon 28-Sep-09 17:18:52

Hm, probably what Bling says. Thanks!

BlingLoving Mon 28-Sep-09 17:29:25

Essie - you mentioned the market in wimbledon. Do you live in SW london? There's a deli on Durnsford/Merton/whatever it's called when it's at the new sainsbury local that does these kind of roasted veggies.

QueenOfFuckingEverything Mon 28-Sep-09 17:32:35

Lidl does jars of roasted courgettes in oil and herbs for about £1.20.

They have peppers and aubergines too.

Horton Mon 28-Sep-09 19:32:27

If you're ever near a Carluccio's, the deli bit does fab courgette and green bean salad along these lines.

Essie3 Mon 28-Sep-09 22:09:48

Ooh, Lidl! Now that sounds good - and reasonable.
I do live in SW london...some of the time! Kind of complicated, but not sure where you mean with the new sainsburys local. I'm Tooting Bec.

BlingLoving Tue 29-Sep-09 10:37:19

Merton/Durnsford/Haydons Road (I will never understand the need for constant name changes on one road) has a great Italian ]deli. You're not local enough to know about the new Sainsbury Local I guess! grin. Basically, the deli is just past the corner of Ravensbury and Merton/Durnsford Road - about two blocks from Penwith Road towards Tooting. I can't remember what it's called but it's directly opposite the Sainsburys so easy to spot. Although there's also a new Carluccios on Garret Lane just down from Earlsfield Station which is probably even easier to get to from Tooting because you can take the bus right down there if you're not driving.

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