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Roasted veg - how to (!) and how to store

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Essie3 Mon 28-Sep-09 12:27:30

Before I begin, I should stress that I do know how to roast veg!

I make my own lunch quite often, and I'm always on the lookout for quick dinners too. I'm vegetarian, and an easy way to jazz up a sandwich/make cous cous etc is to put roasted veg on it. I've been buying those jars of sundried tomatoes, also peppers: I get these jars from the olives section.
Anyhow, strikes me that it's not rocket science, and surely I can save money and do this myself?

So, if I make a roasted veg mix, how can I store it? The jars sell them in olive oil I think, but is there anything I need to know or do? Would they freeze? Or can I have a large jar on my work surface all ready filled with roasted (or whatever) veggies, ready to throw on cous cous or a sandwich?

Also, I once went to a French market in Wimbledon (!) and bought a jar of courgettes which were somehow preserved - maybe pickled, or maybe roasted? Any ideas, and can I recreate this at home?

BlingLoving Mon 28-Sep-09 12:33:19

I always mean to do this. I'd have thought that simply ensuring they are entirely covered by olive oil would work and that they'd keep for at least a week or two like this. I buy fresh pesto from a deli and they always tell me that as long as the top is sealed with olive oil, it will last for weeks, which isn't that different.

meltedmarsbars Mon 28-Sep-09 12:35:01

The tomatoes are dried (you can do it in a cool oven) not roasted.

I'm not sure how to avoid the bacteria making it all mouldy. Jam and chutney are boiled to kill bugs.

Essie3 Mon 28-Sep-09 12:46:19

Hm, that was my concern, melted, and I'm not hugely keen on using a litre of olive oil on top of my veggies.

BlingLoving Mon 28-Sep-09 16:57:55

You can't keep it forever in oil, just longer than you would otherwise.

Use cheap olive oil and naturally you should attempt to flick the excess oil off before placing in your sandwich or whatever. smile

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