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Anybody else thinking about to or have given up their organic veg box?

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iwantitnow Sat 26-Sep-09 19:19:39

It seems that the price difference between the veg box and the supermarkets have widened. We use Riverford and I was doing an Ocado order at the same time as my Riverford and celery was 69p at Ocado and over £2 with Riverford. Just can't justify that sort of spend.

Also I bought some really good organic pears and apples to do my baby some purees from Sainsburys a fraction of the cost of Riverford and much nicer. Ocado/Waitrose pears were inedible though a week before.

MrsSantosisafeminist Sat 26-Sep-09 19:24:19

Just cancelled mine with a local hippy coop sad I was really sad to do it as I liked supporting them but I am now sole breadwinner and so strapped for cash and the offers in Aldi and Lidl are good. They have been doing boxes for years, not jumped on the bandwagon over hte last couple of years. The irony is that we will probably actually go veggie now, again to save money. I think the boxed fruit was always nicer but the veg was not so easy to distinguish.

WobblyPig Sat 26-Sep-09 19:25:39

Yes have just stopped my Riverford Box. With all the best intentions in the world I can't justify the cost and frequently the quality of the veggies has been poor. The rapid decay of veg such as spinach and the over-abundance of potatoes have also swayed me.

chocolateshoes Sat 26-Sep-09 19:27:42

me too, stopped mine 6 mths ago - just couldn't justofy the expense. I was sad because we'd used them for 8 years or so but they put their delivery charges up and as we were already questioning the expense it was the final straw.

newspaperdelivery Sat 26-Sep-09 19:30:30

Cancelled our farmaroundnorth box sad. 2 redundancies does that to you. sad

lilymum Sun 27-Sep-09 13:16:01

Gave up the fruit/veg box from Abel&Cole a while back, as couldn't justify the expense when their family box didn't stretch to feeding us for a week. Still get our milk and yog from them, but they introduced a delivery charge fairly recently, and we are considering cancelling it, as isn't worth the extra expense. Find that Lidl were we do our weekly shop does really great seasonal food, including fairtrade and organic lines. Also organic milk, although I do like the non-homogenised milk we get delivered.

trefusis Sun 27-Sep-09 13:18:46

Message withdrawn

stepaway Sun 27-Sep-09 13:21:37

I cancelled mine with Abel & Cole a year ago when I realised that they had 'sold out' to private equity and it became pretty obvious that they had become much more pushy (trying to upsell all the time) and implemented a deliver charge.

catinthehat2 Sun 27-Sep-09 13:44:33

Dumped Riverford years ago when the stuff arrived pre rotted. I never discussed it with them, and they never inquired why they were dumped by me. Did not get tghe impression that they were aware of having customers!

Caz10 Sun 27-Sep-09 13:50:35

Yes we gave up ours too - too expensive and thb it got very wearing trying to invent meals round a random kohlrabi etc (had to google that one when it arrived!)

Now make a strict list and stick to it, get only the stuff we need from local greengrocer.

GeekIsGood Sun 27-Sep-09 13:53:05

I just regretfully cancelled ours after two years.

It was 60% potatoes and carrots and seeing as we are not my grandparents, we just couldn't get through it all in a week!

The local veg thing is important to me though so we're planning on buying from the same suppliers at the weekly farmers' market instead, then we can choose exactly what we want.

stepaway Sun 27-Sep-09 17:33:56


I felt the same way about all those bloody potatoes. We're more of a pasta and rice crew here. But it did make me start making my own potatoe wedges and they were pretty popular.

ProfYaffle Sun 27-Sep-09 17:44:38

I gave up my veg box a couple of years ago. Boring veg over winter I put with but when it carried on through the summer I decided enough was enough. Now I grow some of my own, forage a lot of fruit, buy from local organic shop and Lidl.

iwantitnow Sun 27-Sep-09 18:10:20

Decided I will cancel Riverford from this week - strict list is needed to save money. Unfortunately my only local greengrocer is on a very busy road and thats not meant to be too good for you. We had a local farmers shop, it went bust last week. I will have to rely on the supermarkets.

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