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Please give me some ideas for stuff I can batch cook and freeze!

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Lilliput Fri 25-Sep-09 20:36:58

Just started Midwifery degree and will never have time to feed my family properly again. I thought I would do some batch cooking this weekend but my list has not progressed beyond spag bol and chicken curry. Help!

Nicolaplus1 Fri 25-Sep-09 22:15:19

Hi i also batch cook n freeze its a godsend..
Tend to do corned beed stew/hash
Fish Pie
Shepards pie
Cauliflower cheese

Hope this helps

callaird Sat 26-Sep-09 00:20:32

Lasagne (bolognese or tuna and veg in tomato sauce)
Spaghetti bolognese sauce
Sausage with beans or veg and gravy, topped with mash.
Beef stew/stroganoff
Hot pot

And what Nicola said!!

I am sure there are more I do but will have to have a look in the freezer.

mumof2teenboys Sat 26-Sep-09 07:14:51

Steak & mushroom pie.

Chicken & ham pie.

Sausage cassoulet.


Chicken stew.

You can also make fruit crumbles, pies, whip double cream and freeze that.

I know there is more I do but I can't think at the minute.

naomi83 Sat 26-Sep-09 22:14:38

quiche freezes nicely, as does soup. i batch make tomato sauce forp asta and freeze it in old pasta sauce jars.

CakeForBreakfast Sun 27-Sep-09 16:21:53

You could do a mahoosive steak & onion and mushroom casserole (or whatever type your family like), then make different meals for the freezer from it...

Parboiled potatoes on top, hotpot style, ready for oven

In Pastry for steak pies

or just frozen plain in portions ready to be reheated with mash & veg

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