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Pork belly - not my thing. Is there ANYTHING nice you can make with it?

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bloss Fri 25-Sep-09 17:03:05

Message withdrawn

feedthegoat Fri 25-Sep-09 17:06:25

I don't like fatty meat either but I had this at my mums on Tuesday for the first time in years. She roasted in really well so the fat just seemed to melt away leaving really tender meat. Was delicious with jacket potato and cauliflower cheese.

Can't give you anything imaginative sorry!

JeminTheDungeon Fri 25-Sep-09 17:06:41

I sometimes buy it then regret it too- could do it slow roast with ale or fruit juice...sometimes it isn't TOO fatty, if you get a good cut. Otherwise...Nah, can't think of anything, but I'm almost certain others will be along with some fab ideas we can both use!

Weegle Fri 25-Sep-09 17:10:11

oh I have the yummiest recipe for this which isn't too fatty - slice and layer loads of potatoes and red onions with sage and grated lemon rind in to a roasting pan. Salt the rind and put the pork on top of the potatoes. Slow cook for about 3-4 hours at about 150C and then zap up at the end to crackle. Tis superb...

bloss Fri 25-Sep-09 17:44:26

Message withdrawn

smallwhitecat Fri 25-Sep-09 17:56:43

Message withdrawn

Heated Fri 25-Sep-09 18:16:42

Not a fan of belly pork at all, but Jamie Oliver's recipe wasn't half bad.

mwff Fri 25-Sep-09 18:32:56

in a piece it makes a pretty good roast if you cook it on the right heat. i can only usually get crackling right if i remove it from the joint, but on belly i can leave it attached and still have it crisp up well.

in slices i cook it with beans. roast meat first in a hot oven so most of the fat runs off and the crackling crisps. then we all eat the crackling dipped in mango chutney grin then i fry up onions in some of the reserved fat (keep the rest for roasties), add dried/soaked beans, either tomatoes and herbs or dark brown stuff (soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, molasses sugar) and the pieces of pork and simmer till done. the pork goes deliciously melty.

lizziemun Fri 25-Sep-09 18:34:14

This one is nice with rice

thereistheball Sun 27-Sep-09 14:11:51

Nigel Slater has a recipe for roast pork belly in his Kitchen Diaries. He slices it very thinly into sandwiches with rocket, I think.

shinyshoes Sun 27-Sep-09 14:14:43

pour some BBQ sauce over them and cook on a low heat in the oven for a couple of hours.

Gorgeous boneless ribs.

Ideally in the slow cooker as well.

Arsed Sun 27-Sep-09 14:15:52


SomeGuy Sun 27-Sep-09 16:43:57

I love pork belly. Am about to BBQ it with jerk paste.

This however is the procedure I usually follow - pork belly like what they do in chinatown.

SomeGuy Sun 27-Sep-09 16:47:05

actually have got two pork belly pieces and am doing one in jerk paste and the other in Thai paste (made from fish sauce, lime juice, kaffir lime, lemon grass, shallots, garlic, coriander leaf, ground coriander, sweet soy sauce (you could use regular soy sauce + palm sugar), chinese wine, spring onions).

You might also like to try pork belly adobo, a very common Filipino dish. link

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