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Completely stumped for ideas for 10 month old's smaller meal (lunch/tea).

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suiledonn Thu 24-Sep-09 12:34:36

DD2 is 10 months and is a good eater. For her main meal she usually has what we are eating but I am finding it difficult to think of ideas for her smaller meal of the day. She often ends up with yogurt, banana, toast or fruit & cheese type combos.

I cook the main meal from scratch every day so would prefer something that doesn't inolve too much prep or cooking.

Any ideas?

AttillaTheHan Thu 24-Sep-09 12:39:10

DD loved these at 10 months: scrambled egg, pitta bread with houmous and salad, soup with cheese on toast, beans and toast, eggy bread. I know what you mean though its easy to get into a lunch rut!

Mmmmcoffee Thu 24-Sep-09 12:44:29

DD has always loved pasta, so I always cooked extra and kept it in the fridge. Brilliant for a nice quick lunch, I could just heat it up and add any sauce I liked - her faves were bolognese, a handful of mixed veg cooked then mashed with cream cheese and milk, or tuna with mayo.

CatIsSleepy Thu 24-Sep-09 12:46:00

i think dd1 mostly ended up with sandwiches or soup at this sort of age
eggy bread good too

thereistheball Fri 25-Sep-09 14:57:37

Egg fried rice is good for using up leftover rice and veg (just make sure you cool the rice quickly once you've drained it. You can freeze it in batches if you want). I usually add broccoli, corn, peas, and sometimes some shreds of ham. The egg means it coagulates and is easy to eat. You could do this with quinoa for something even more nutritious.

Also, you could try making a batch of ricotta pancakes and freezing them. It's basically flour, ricotta, eggs, a dash of milk, plus some flavourings. Frozen spinach (defrosted and drained of all water) is good, as are peas or corn. Or mashed bananas / blueberries for something sweeter.

MrsKitty Fri 25-Sep-09 15:08:18

DS loved cheese & mushroom omlettes at this age. Won't touch them now of course hmm.

SingingBear Fri 25-Sep-09 15:16:38

Message withdrawn

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