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Urgent help needed re: toad in my hole!

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KnickersandVests Wed 23-Sep-09 17:12:26

Inspired by the earlier thread on toad in the hole I decided to make Delia's recipe for tonight's dinner.

She says I need plain flour for the batter, I only have self-raising.

Is this going to cause major problems or do you think I'll get away with it?

FritesMenthe Wed 23-Sep-09 17:14:09

It'll be fine.

Bucharest Wed 23-Sep-09 17:15:13

Won't it turn it into a salty cake?
Just checked Jamie's book (the toad recipe I use) and that's plain....

claricebeansmum Wed 23-Sep-09 17:15:59

I think it will be fine too. Just maybe a bit fluffier than normal

KembleTwins Wed 23-Sep-09 17:16:04

It'll be fine. I make pancakes with s-r when I've run out of flour, and they're fine. toad in the hole is nearly the same recipe.

KembleTwins Wed 23-Sep-09 17:16:26

When I've run out of plain flour, that should have said.

KnickersandVests Wed 23-Sep-09 17:19:12

OK, I'm going to go for it.

Thank you my lovelies.

ILYM Wed 23-Sep-09 17:23:14

I always use s r flour.
Brian turners recipe - Put however many eggs you want to use (I use 4 for family of 4)in a mug - note where they come up to in the mug & pour them into a bowl then put flour into the mug to the same height the eggs came to and pour ontop of the eggs then pour milk to the same level in the mug and then add to the others and whisk - Honestly the best batter I have EVER made - rises like the magic porridge pot!!!!

Bucharest Wed 23-Sep-09 17:25:52

ILYM- that sounds a great recipe, might try that, Jamie's is a bit eggy

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