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fish cakes with cod & sweet potato?

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katechristie Wed 23-Sep-09 14:41:39

I've got some cod to use up and sweet potatoes so thought I might try some fishcakes, but whenever I've attempted fishcake before, they've been too sloppy, so I'm obviously doing something wrong.

anybody offer a tried & tested recipe you think will work with sweet pot? (maybe i shouldn't be using butter/milk to mash the pots?) I have onion, parsley, egg... but am not sure of ratios of fish to pot etc. also can I put some brocolli in there or would that be bad??? - I would prefer leek, but haven't got any in and am trying to slash tesco's profits by not popping in there in-between shops for one thing then spending £30!!!

katechristie Wed 23-Sep-09 18:12:23


StirlingIsFedUpOfTheRain Wed 23-Sep-09 18:43:52

I knew I had seen a recipe for sweet potato fishcakes somewhere smile

katechristie Wed 23-Sep-09 21:14:36

ooh fabulous thanks!

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