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moondog Tue 22-Sep-09 15:47:55

How is the new eating regime going??

Slubberdegullion Tue 22-Sep-09 15:53:05


That is a MASSIVE understatement.

It has transformed meal times beyond all recognition and I am eternaly grateful to you and the others on the thread for the great advice.

I have become a complete evangelical RL bore about it now, there is much eyerolling I'm sure going on behind my back and whispered mutterings of "don't get her onto talking about serving bowls on the table fgs".

moondog Tue 22-Sep-09 15:55:47


So pleased for you.It makes life so much nicer doesn't it? For everyone. smile

Slubberdegullion Tue 22-Sep-09 16:02:03

Absolutely. Meal times are actually quite pleasurable now, there is conversation and smiling, things virtually unheard of a month back.

The other startling difference is that food that would have been met with complete refusal is being tried and in some situations consumed with gusto. AMAZING.

The best change is in me though as I'm no longer developing a tic when food isn't eaten.

sorry. I told you I was a terrible bore smile

moondog Tue 22-Sep-09 16:13:15

Not at all.It is really interesting to hear of you you implemented and followed through a radical change in your behaviour, because this is what most people don't get with regards to behaviour change in general (on which I can bore for Wales!)

You have to change your behaviour first to effect behaviour change in those whose behaviour you want to change.

Slubberdegullion Tue 22-Sep-09 16:28:45

Indeed. I think if I had just done the serving bowls and no snacks but not thought about my emotional response to food and my dc's eating of it, then the whole thing would probably have gone tits up and reverted back to the old nagging and bribing ways.

The most important thing I have to keep reminding myself is how I respond to the eating (or not) of food, therein lies the key I think. The dds to their credit have picked up on the change in mood at the table, they are as delighted with the new regime as I am.

moondog Tue 22-Sep-09 16:30:18


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