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growing up milk

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newrus Mon 06-Jun-05 02:54:13

Has anyone seen the new Nanny goats milk formula for toddlers (age 1 to 3)...Waitrose is stocking it now. Has iron, calcium, etc in it...for those mums (like myself) who worry they're not getting enough of it. My little one drank the infant formula when I weaned her off the breast, and is enjoying this one too...only comes in a 400g tin, but I feel better giving it to her than cows milk..think she's getting more from it.

bobbybob Mon 06-Jun-05 03:56:40

I seem to think that having calcium and iron at the same time is a waste of time, but hopefully somebody more scientific than me can confirm or deny that.

NannyL Mon 06-Jun-05 12:18:44

I also agree... after 12 months a long with a balanced diet IS FINE

its just all the manufactures trying to make us THINK its not, and therefor expolit mums who want to the 'best' fro their children and make money from those mums.

Like Baby food... its all convienant and people even THINK it is better than home made!!!

Its terribly expsneise and if you feed children 'normal' food (not 'childrens'food) as until 20 odd years ago the whole human race had done for ever they will be fine!

JulieF Tue 07-Jun-05 00:05:35

Yes, its a total waste of money and an effort to get us all buying formula for much longer.

I have no doubt it "may" be useful for a very few toddlers with specific dietary problems otherwise its a waste.

And yes, iron is hard to absorb from milk (except breastmilk!)

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