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Help! Will these smoothies be off??

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IlanaK Sun 20-Sep-09 12:07:41

My mum bought us some innocent kids smoothies boxes on Wednesday of last week. I haven't had a chance to go and get them yet. I spoke with her on the phone today and said I would come and get them and she said "I'll get them out of the spare room ready". I said "WHat????" They are a refridgerated fresh product! She didn't realise and they have not been in the fridge since then.

Should we throw them away or would they still be alright?

MaryBS Sun 20-Sep-09 12:14:06

I would throw them away.

IlanaK Sun 20-Sep-09 12:18:07

That;s what I thought My mum is such a numpty.

MaryBS Sun 20-Sep-09 13:15:18

There are some smoothies which can be stored at room temp, but am pretty sure the innocent ones can't be - I believe they don't contain any preservatives, so its like storing blended fresh fruit.

What a pain!

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