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Silly question, but.....

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AntdamnTheDM Wed 16-Sep-09 18:19:35

Can i substitute creme fraiche for cream? All the surrounding shops only have creme fraiche, and I was hoping to make a creamy cider sauce to go with pork chops.

Am I being dense? Or can I use creme fraiche instead??

Stubbyfingers Wed 16-Sep-09 18:20:45

Delia uses creme freche a lot in sauces, so I reckon, yes you can. Sounds rather tasty!

AntdamnTheDM Wed 16-Sep-09 18:23:06

Well if its ok for

Its tasty and very easy to concoct. I use one bottle of cider (magners, cos its in the fridge) tub of cream/creme fraiche wink some chopped up parsley and some seasoning. DP loves it, takes about 5mins to make.

Stubbyfingers Wed 16-Sep-09 18:30:56

god that sounds good!

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