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Is my new slow-cooker actually cooking???

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BEAUTlFUL Wed 16-Sep-09 13:36:33

I just bought a Morphy Richards "ecolectric" slow-cooker from Amazon. All excited, I plunged ahead without reading any recipes (the manual wasn't in the box, in my defence) and slung in a joint of bacon and a bottle of (room-temp) cider, turned it up to "High" and left it for 2 hours.

Then I read some info online, realised I should have covered the meat with the liquid, opened it up to add more and the cider already in there was barely warm!

I have since tipped the contents into a saucepan, brought it all to the boil and put it back in slow-cooker, keeping it on "High".

But my questions:

1. If the cooker was on "High", shouldn't the liquid have heated up more than just warm after 2 hours?

2. Is the bacon joint now crawling with germs/bacteria, etc, and ould it be safe to eat even if I now cook it for 8-10 hours?

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