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How do you make raspberry buttercream icing?

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AnathemaDevice Wed 16-Sep-09 08:02:35

Is it even possible, or will it be disgusting? I'm attempting to make cupcakes for a friends engagement/housewarming present, which may be a disaster, but it's the thought that counts, right?
Anyway, I'm making vanilla cupcakes with a raspberry in the centre of each one, and I wanted to make raspberry buttercream icing to go with it. But I can't find a recipe, so I thought I'd turn to mumsnet for help. Any ideas?
(If all else fails I'm going to make lemon icing instead, much easier!)

TheBalladofGayTony Wed 16-Sep-09 08:05:00

make normal buttercream icing and whizz in some raspberries?

SpawnChorus Wed 16-Sep-09 08:08:18

TBH I'm not sure it would be particularly nice...If they were going to be eaten on the day, could you make a mascarpone topping instead?

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