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Quick help please - best flavourings for carrot soup?

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thereistheball Tue 15-Sep-09 08:54:28

I have friends coming for lunch and am making carrot soup since I have lots of carrots. They are boiling in stock with a leek and an onion and some garlic as I type. What are the nicest flavourings for carrot soup - coriander, cumin, ginger? We will be having it with bread and cheese (Comte and a goats cheese) and leftover lentil salad (Puy lentils with cherry tomatoes, red peppers and red onion).

oopsacoconut Tue 15-Sep-09 08:55:47

fresh corriander if you have it.

Scootergrrrl Tue 15-Sep-09 08:55:56

Cumin is my favourite.

fishie Tue 15-Sep-09 08:56:15

orange is nice. dh prefers it just carrot and onion but he puts maple syrup on eggs so perhaps we should discount his opinion.

thereistheball Tue 15-Sep-09 08:57:48

Only have frozen fresh coriander, IYSWIM, but it might work. Love cumin but will it go with the cheese?

thereistheball Tue 15-Sep-09 09:00:32

Fishie, my FIL has maple syrup in his salad dressing (with balsamic and oil) hmm

Unfortunately carrot and orange soup reminds me of home ec at school (and anyway I don't have an orange).

duchesse Tue 15-Sep-09 09:00:57

Carrots work well I find. grin

oopsacoconut Tue 15-Sep-09 09:01:48

frozen fresh will be fine

duchesse Tue 15-Sep-09 09:02:07

Seriously though, use half orange juice and half stock, and grate the zest of an orange with a fine grater (micro plane type if you have) into the soup, and hey presto! Instant cheer in a bowl.

thereistheball Tue 15-Sep-09 09:13:25

That sounds much nicer than my home ec version. Too late now (and no oranges) but I will do that next week. Thanks! Today I think it will be fresh coriander and maybe some ginger to give it a bit more of a lift.

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