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A couple of quiche questions

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justanothertenminutes Mon 14-Sep-09 14:47:04

I am going to attempt cooking a quiche myself, having only ever had shop bought, so would like to know the following:

Are home made better?

Do i really need a flan/quiche dish thingy or will a pyrex dish be ok?

Do i really have to have pastry around the edges or could i just have it on the bottom (always end up picking this bit off)


MrsMagnolia Mon 14-Sep-09 16:34:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

justanothertenminutes Mon 14-Sep-09 16:42:49

Thanks! Will try it tonight. Only after reading your reply did i realise what a stupid idea that would be to not have an edge, of course it could run underneath the base, why did i think it would magically stay on top? hmm
I worry myself sometimes!

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