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16 mth old not eating meat or veg

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Denmark Fri 03-Jun-05 20:07:29

Any advise ? My 16 mth old daughter will not eat any meat except frankfurter sausages and will not eat any veg except for a little bit of cucumber and raw carrot (sometimes). She lives of sausages, cheese, apple, melon, cucumber, kiwi, banana, biscuit, yogurt, weetabix and cerealbars. She is drinking 225 ml milk before her nap at 11 and another 225 ml milk before her bedtime at 7. should I cut down on the milk (full-fat). I don't like the fact that she is not eating potatoes or any other vegs she must be missing som vitamins, so I really need some advise - any advise

Nightynight Fri 03-Jun-05 20:32:38

It sounds a pretty rounded diet, but must be really annoying to cook and shop for!
I'd try doing some interesting veg & meat stuff, and you and anyone else you can rope in, eating it in front of her, with lots of appreciative comments "Mmmm! This broccoli is so gorgeous!! Look what we've got today, Daddy's favourite meal, roast chicken! I LOVE chicken!!" etc. It sounds really weird, but PROPAGANDA works really well on toddlers IME!

Denmark Fri 03-Jun-05 20:41:37

thank you for the advise, her daddy is a prof. chef and we have made a lovely roast chicken eating it in front of her she has (in her own special way) ask for some and she put in her mouth and spits it out again. she is a tough case but I believe I was to soft in the begining will def. not make the same mistake with my newborn son that's for sure

madmarchhare Fri 03-Jun-05 20:49:37

I'd say shes not doing too bad really! We're just coming out of a very picky phase at the moment and I think a lot of the problem with the meat/veg/gravy thing is that it invloves a dish and a spoon which he is not very good with and ends up getting very frustrated but doesnt want me to do it either because he is trying to assert his independence.

My friends daughter wouldnt have a drop of milk from 12 months on and ate nothing but yoghurt and spaghetti for 6 months. Granted, she did have extra vitamins, but the point is, she eats very well now (3 years)

It is very frustrating especially if you taken ages to prepare something. I would say dont worry about it too much and just keep offering, encouraging and not making too much of an obvious fuss in front of her. HUGE praises for the tiniest morsel of something new also. It really will happen eventually as I am just discovering. He had four spoonfulls of meat and potato pie with onion gravy today!!! One small step......

Nightynight Fri 03-Jun-05 21:00:54

How do you think your dd will react when your newborn son starts eating in a few months time? Do you think competition will kick in?

starlover Fri 03-Jun-05 21:18:49

agree that she isn't doing too badly with what she eats!
it COULD be that she doesn't like the texture. I used to work with some kids, and the little girl would spit out meat too... unless it was very soft. She would eat mince but that was about it

madmarchhare Sat 04-Jun-05 11:11:47

Ah, you see, and were still struggling with the mince thing!

LIZS Sat 04-Jun-05 11:32:28

Agree it is not that unbalanced but a bit limiting for you and possibly too much milk and dairy. Do keep trying with other stuff on the same plate as a favourite ie mashed potato with sausage and cucumber - make a funny face if you fancy ! Textures definitely play part. ds wouldn't eat pasta until he was about 2, but once tried would have eaten nothing else out of choice since ! Risotto and stir fries turned out to be another good way of getting him to eat a bit more variety and soups with chunks of bread soaked in which he learned to scoop out with a spoon. He's also never really been a potato fan unlike dd.

starlover Sat 04-Jun-05 11:35:44

oh also... we found that lying helped

she eventually decided she would eat chicken, and from then on we told her all meat was chicken, and it got eaten! If we said it was saussage or something she refused point blank... but take it away then bring it back calling it chicken and it got eaten up! LOL

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