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What can I make for the dinner to break the fast of Yom Kippour?

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BonsoirAnna Sun 13-Sep-09 19:27:39

Ashkenazy recipes please!

brimfull Sun 13-Sep-09 19:28:53

isn't it kippur?

no recipes sorry

thaliablogs Thu 17-Sep-09 19:09:07


Trad ashkenazi custom to break fast is to have a buffet-type meal of bagels, smoked salmon, cream cheese (if no meat), perhaps a fish pate, chopped liver (if so, no cream cheese), egg salad, etc. We'd serve cholla and usually as soon as people get in from synagogue you give them a cup of tea and a slice of a relatively plain cake - perhaps a new year's honey and spice cake. It's not a time for gourmet food but to ease yourself back into the material world after 25 hours of connecting with the spiritual side.

Different families have different traditions, just be aware if you're cooking for observant people to have either a meat-y meal or a dairy one, and not both.

Ponders Thu 17-Sep-09 19:11:51

kippour probably makes it sound right in French, ggirl!

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