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butternut squash

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biglips Fri 03-Jun-05 17:40:28

what can i make it with for my 8 months old baba? as ive never had butternut squash before and i thought ill try it out


colditz Fri 03-Jun-05 17:46:09

Cut it in half, deseed it, wrap it in foil and bake in the oven until the flesh is soft. When it's done, you can mash it in with potato and carrot and give with whatever you like.

Love butternut squash, it's gorgeous!

SPARKLER1 Fri 03-Jun-05 17:47:44

I tried one yesterday for the first time. Peeled it, cut in half took out the seeds, cut into large chunks and roasted in oil. Really lovely. I had never tasted it before and really enjoyed it.

QueenEagle Fri 03-Jun-05 18:04:54

Do they have to be peeled or can you eat the skin???

WigWamBam Fri 03-Jun-05 18:05:37

Peel it, the skin is tough and inedible.

LGJ Fri 03-Jun-05 18:06:16

Peeled and they are a bugger to peel but well worth it.

SPARKLER1 Fri 03-Jun-05 18:06:27

I did a thread about butternut squash a couple of days ago. I think someone said that you don't need to peel. I did though - found it very hard to peel though so I reckon it would be quite chewy if you left it on.

WigWamBam Fri 03-Jun-05 18:08:05

You can bake it with the skin on, then scoop the flesh out with a spoon.

collision Mon 06-Jun-05 10:09:14

Or mix it with orange juice for the baby.


biglips Mon 06-Jun-05 14:08:15

what about for the adults (so i can use it all up)

colditz Mon 06-Jun-05 14:11:05

Mmmm, roast in the same tin as your meat, yum!

biglips Tue 07-Jun-05 16:01:15

how long to bake it? and at what temp pls?

biglips Tue 07-Jun-05 16:12:33

anyone pls???? as ive peeled it and waiting to go in oven

merryberry Tue 07-Jun-05 16:16:33

i do mine at about 180 in a fan oven for 40 minutes BUT i do mine with skin on and scoop out insides for mushy dishes usually - so deffo don't go longer and higher than me if you have peeled and chopped into pieces! of also depends on size (phhhner phhhner) and overall ripeness when bought so have a good prod of them now and then.

I will leave now before the double entendres get out of hand. nudge/wink.

merryberry Tue 07-Jun-05 16:19:32

now I've calmed down from that - a good dish is this squash baked then mushed in with goats cheese and brown rice. Can be served to invalids, the chronically food intolerant and best of all made gourmet if you shape it into small mounds and/or add chopped herbs of choice.

very soothing filling food. usually treat myself to it in winter, mind.

foxinsocks Tue 07-Jun-05 16:21:16

Either shove it in with a roast (then I wrap it in foil - no need to peel) and then it will take around an hour/hour and a half at about 200C.

Or put it in the roasting tin without foil at around 190C for about 45 mins to an hour and turn over half way through (otherwise one side gets done better than the other).

Once it's done, cut it in half, scoop out the seeds and get the rest of the orange pulp out with a spoon. FAR easier than trying to peel and cut it - I'm amazed anyone can manage that - I tried it once and nearly took off a finger in the process!

biglips Tue 07-Jun-05 16:23:02

thank you X

merryberry Tue 07-Jun-05 16:27:31

ah i actually cut mine in half, scoop out seeds and then roast cut side down just to be accurate about the temp/time i gave. happy eating.

biglips Tue 07-Jun-05 16:50:52

ive fried them as didnt realised it takes so long to bake/ roast them as got college 2nite. yum yum it taste so nice!!

Janbo25 Wed 22-Jun-05 19:04:47

I've also had it with pear before as well

katylou25 Wed 22-Jun-05 20:06:11

I do it for ds withparsnips or carrots or any other veg I've got and then stir a spoonful of creamcheese or marscapone into it - he loves it!

giraffeski Wed 22-Jun-05 20:07:51

Message withdrawn

HellyBelly Mon 27-Jun-05 09:02:38

I used to steam mine in my steamer and then mash it up with potato.

Will try roasting it - sounds yummy!

evansmummy Mon 27-Jun-05 18:27:28

Roast it and serve with fresh pasta and grated parmesan

milge Mon 27-Jun-05 18:30:58

chicken, sage and butternut squash risotto, with parmesan cheese - heaven!

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