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What can i make for lunch? I have......

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NaughtyAlice Fri 11-Sep-09 11:46:11

5 cherry tomatoes
1 bowl of couscous already 'cooked'
1/4 tub cream cheese
4 rashers of bacon
a basil plant

oh, and a tin of beans


Tortington Fri 11-Sep-09 11:49:11

you have bread i presume?

bacon butty dipped in beans

NaughtyAlice Fri 11-Sep-09 11:52:17

Bread is frozen so would have to be toast.

I was hoping for a ready steady cook type recipe, but bacon and beans sounds pretty good!

TrillianAstra Fri 11-Sep-09 11:59:07

Chop bacon small and fry (non-stick pan), add halved cherry tomatoes and lots of basil leaves. Eat this with couscous like pasta.

NaughtyAlice Fri 11-Sep-09 12:50:37

I kind of did that, but forgot to put the basil on

TrillianAstra Fri 11-Sep-09 13:09:18

You can use loads of basil, it practically becomes one of your 5-a-day.

If you add onion and chilli you get one of my favourite sauces for pasta.

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