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fresh houmos question

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rumplestiltskin Fri 03-Jun-05 09:27:59

if i make it fresh how long can i store it in the fridge (assuming there's any left ) and does it make any difference if you use dried or tinned chick peas. thanks

Twiglett Fri 03-Jun-05 09:29:36

a few days .. it goes all crusty and manky, you'll know when to chuck it

dried chick peas need soaking overnight


WigWamBam Fri 03-Jun-05 09:30:33

You can use tinned or dried chickpeas (as long as you soak and cook the dried ones properly, of course!). It's fine made with tinned ones though.

It should keep in the fridge for a couple of days if you cover it.

Pacific Fri 03-Jun-05 09:32:26

Can I have a recipe please?

suzywong Fri 03-Jun-05 09:32:34

I made some today so this is "fresh" in my mind (hahahahaha)

well I think 5 days max, and a good tip is to pour a little bit of olive oil over the top of it when you put it in it's final container and a sprinkle of cayenne or paprika.

Fresh or dried chickpeas makes no odds to the outcome, but in actual fact it is more economical to use tinned after you've done all that boiling on the stove. And with dried chickpeas you will have some husks floating about which could alter the texture and make it coarser. But it's up to you

(FWIW I bought butter beans by mistake instead of chickpeas and it's worked out ver well)

rumplestiltskin Fri 03-Jun-05 09:43:54

that was quick. o.k. will experiment with both tinned and dried. thanks.

Twiglett Fri 03-Jun-05 09:47:13

suzy .. you made hummous with butter beans instead of chickpeas? really? and it was nice??

can you post recipe because the only times I've tried to make hummous it went straight in the bin

suzywong Fri 03-Jun-05 09:51:16

s'bloo&y lovely twiglett

well I'm afraid I am a slosher so all measurements are approximate

5 tablespoons/75ml of good olive oil
pepper 3 cloves of garlic coarsely chopped
100ml of tahini
juice of at least on lemon or more to taste
drained can of butterbeans
dollop of thick greek yogurt
more olive oil
paprika or cayenne

put it all but last three ingredients in a bowl and mashed it with a hand blender till smooth, then mixed in yogurt with a spatula and scraped it in to a container, then covered the top with a little layer of olive oil and a sprinikle of paprika

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