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Tom Aiken's Reataurant

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yoyo Thu 02-Jun-05 21:38:10

Has anyone eaten here? DH is 40 soon and I have to sort something out. Did Gordon Ramsey at Claridges before Christmas and it was blindingly fantastic. Must be at least as good.
What about Locanda Locatelli?

Hazellnut Thu 02-Jun-05 22:24:12

Supposed to good - dh is supposed to be taking me for my 30th but they only take bookings a month in advance - will watch this thread with interest !

yoyo Fri 03-Jun-05 23:33:38

Hazellnut - so when is your 30th? DH is on 12 July but really want something special for him. Have heard that Locanda is quite business oriented but I want seduction on a plate. I need the ambience to be perfect. Have you heard anything other than what has been written in reviews?

CountessDracula Fri 03-Jun-05 23:44:04

sposed to be fab

gordon ramsay at hospital rd is the biz, much better than claridges btw

yoyo Sat 04-Jun-05 11:18:50

Countess Dracula - who is the chef at Hospital Road? GR himself? Is it very pretentious or just fantastic food? I want to feel completely relaxed without worrying about clothes, etc.

Have you had lunch at Le Gavroche? That is supposed to be fantastic and very reasonable too. Two meals in one day would be rather gluttonous though!

We don't eat out very often and have decided that it is better to have one outstanding meal rather than four mediocre ones (much as I'd love to be a regular in these places).

CountessDracula Sat 04-Jun-05 12:46:16

yoyo it is very relaxed and not at all pretentious. The staff are fantastic, so friendly and not at all intimidating. I suppose as the food is so good they don't need to ponce about to try and justify themselves iykwim.

I saw GR there last time!

Hazellnut Mon 06-Jun-05 19:58:25

Hi Yoyo - my 30th is 14 July so I need to make sure dh remembers to call the restaurant soon !! We had had this restaurant recommended by dh's colleague who eats at a lot of the top spots. Have you tried looking at reviews .

Hope you get something sorted (let us know what you go for, in case I decide to change my mind ).

yoyo Mon 06-Jun-05 21:33:45

Hazellnut - the link doesn't work! Haven't decided but I suspect it will depend where we can get in. Am very tempted by Hospital Rd after CD's glowing endorsement - I will let you know when we have booked.
I have always wanted to try Le Manoir too - a friend went there on a Waitrose deal and said the food was superb. That was a few years back though. Would love to spend the night there...

Hazellnut Mon 06-Jun-05 21:37:01

Oops don't know why that was - try copying this

DH has been to hospital road and thought it was great. We wanted to try somewhere neither of us has been though as we don't get out so often nowadays!!

Last nice place I went was The Wolesey (sp?). Was great - definitely recommend it ! Apparently a bit star studded although no one there when I went !!

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