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cooking with a steamer

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trinityrocks Thu 02-Jun-05 19:56:14

could I cook 2 chicken breasts, new potatoes and veg in a three tiered electronic steamer?????
at the same time I mean so I could just bung them in and tadaaaaaa tea

Louise1980 Thu 02-Jun-05 19:57:09

Well I think so! What ever would take the longest would need to be on the bottom. You probably knew that already though!

trinityrocks Thu 02-Jun-05 19:58:33

no I didn't think of that actually, I guess thats why I asked cos I really don't have much of a clue about them atall and I want to check I know what they would be like before I buy one so not dissapointed

Louise1980 Thu 02-Jun-05 20:01:03

If I do a dinner I usually put potatoes on bottom, then other veg but mine is just 2-tier.

You could do chicken, potatoes, veg. Ive never cooked meat in mine, I use my George Foreman.

darlingbud Thu 02-Jun-05 20:25:58

never done meat in mine as I use my george too L1980. Veg defo in steamer though.

MistressMary Thu 02-Jun-05 20:29:13

I have cooked chicken in the bottom teir but give it a good 25 minutes, if you do.
also cook it together with mango and cajun seasoning allo ver the chicken and save the water to make a sauce to pour over it. Yum.

MistressMary Thu 02-Jun-05 20:29:40

All over I meant!

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