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Nice/posh 'ready' meals?

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Catz Mon 07-Sep-09 16:15:23

Does anyone know of any 'ready' meals (minimal preparation) that are nice with fresh ingredients etc?

A recently bereaved friend has just said she'd like to meet up. Usually I'd take a meal round that they could have over the next couple of days but I've only got a few hours and need to pick DD up from nursery, get her to bed etc so haven't got time. I was wondering whether there are any really nice things that you can pick up that would be easy for them to bung in oven/pan. I never eat ready meals and am veggie (they aren't) so have no idea what is good but was thinking something like those M&S 'cook' things?

If anyone has any good quick ideas I'd be really grateful.

thereistheball Mon 07-Sep-09 17:25:41

Sorry to hear about your friend. She might not be feeling very like feeding herself at the moment so I would take something snacky like mezze - M+S do a decent range of falafel, humous, pita, taramasalata, feta, olives, vine leaves etc. and you can add some nice tomatoes, salad, cucumber, carrot sticks etc. If you want to give her something meaty / more substantial you could add in some bean or lamb burgers which she could have in the pita bread with humous and feta (and maybe some red onion), with everything else to nibble on as and when she wants something.

chimchar Mon 07-Sep-09 17:35:35

asda does two for a fiver ready prepared meaty dishes that you just peel the film off and pop them in the oven for half an hour...stuff like chicken stuffed with pesto and covered in cheese sauce, or lamb chops in mint sauce type of thing...

you could buy some ready to micro veg or jacket pots..

its a lovely thing to do. not a morsel of food touched my lips for 4 days after my mum died. my friend brought round a curry with micro rice and popadoms and me and my dad both wolfed a load was very gratefully recieved.

Catz Mon 07-Sep-09 18:52:42

Sorry to hear about your mum Chimchar.

Thanks to you both, those are good ideas, I think I will try and get several smaller things and then see if they feel like eating much.

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