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I would like to make some sort of pud with ladies fingers biscuits

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Dozeynoo Sun 06-Sep-09 20:39:57

I put the first half of the packet in a triffle but ds2 didn't like it and Dh doesn't like anything anything with coffee in it.

So any ideas please?


Slubberdegullion Sun 06-Sep-09 20:46:22

I made Rachel Allen's Summer Fruit Tiramisu last week and it was lovely. I can't find the exact recipe on line but this is very similar

Tiramisu con Frutti di Bosco (Summer Fruit Tiramisu)

200g/7oz pack of savoiardi (Italian sponge finger biscuits available in supermarkets and Italian delis)
4 egg, separated, 4 whites and 3 yolks
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 tbsp caster sugar
255g/9oz mascarpone cheese
500g/1lb 2oz mixed summer berries, defrosted
about 2 tbsp caster sugar, to sweeten the berries
200ml/7fl oz blackcurrant juice or milk
small glass crème de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur), alternatively cherry brandy or raspberry liqueur
55g/2oz dark chocolate, chilled and coarsely grated, to decorate
2 tbsp flaked almonds, to decorate

1. Put the mascarpone into a large bowl, mix until smooth using a wooden spoon, then add the egg yolks, vanilla essence and sugar.
2. Whisk the egg whites until they reach the soft peak stage.
3. Carefully fold the stiff egg whites into the mascarpone mixture. Set aside.
4. Sweeten the defrosted summer berries by adding 2 tbsp of sugar to taste.
5. Dip the biscuits in the juice or milk, making sure they do not become too soggy. Line the bottom of a glass or china container with half the biscuits. Generously sprinkle with crème de cassis.
6. Place half of the defrosted summer berries on top of the biscuits. Repeat the layers and finish off with a thick covering of the mascarpone mixture. Chill in the fridge for a least 2 hours.
7. Before serving, decorate the dessert with the coarsely grated chocolate and flaked almonds to add a nice crunch.

notamumyetbutoneday Wed 09-Sep-09 13:13:18

Nigella's Irish Cream tiramisu is AMAZINGLY gorgoeus and very easy, it uses a whole packet of sponge fingers though so you would need to halve quantities to use up your packet.

if you google it the recipe comes up straight away (at work so can't link)

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