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What can I do with my glut of tomatoes?

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panicpants Sun 06-Sep-09 17:16:01

We eat them everyday and cook them in all sorts of recipies...but I still have so how can I preserve them? Chutney? And what about green tomato chutney? Anyone ever cooked it?

BananaPudding Sun 06-Sep-09 17:23:25

I made salsa with the red ones and chowchow with the green ones from my glut.

Southern Chowchow

or..... You could make some of these babies with the green ones:

fried green tomatoes

Doozle Sun 06-Sep-09 17:28:25

I slow-roasted a load of mine this week with garlic and olive oil. I'm told they'll keep well in the fridge for quite a while. Then you can use them in all sorts of dishes - frittata, salads, pasta, pizza and so on.

panicpants Sun 06-Sep-09 17:34:10

Some good recipes there..anyone know what a 'quart' is?

stressedHEmum Sun 06-Sep-09 18:21:52

A quart is 2 pints ( a quarter of a gallon.)

I make green tomato chutney every year, also green tomato and cucumber relish.

i have a stack of tings for green tomatoes because it is really hard to get them to ripen here. You can make green tomato rice, green tomato soup, green tomato and potato bake, green tomato pie, green tomato jam.....

As for red ones, you could try making tomato ssauce; ketchup; chutney; tomato and chilli jam.

Mine all get blight last week and I had to pull them all out. Only managed to rescue about 4lbs of green ones. I am so annoyed.

thereistheball Mon 07-Sep-09 14:07:54

Lucky you! I was thinking of buying a bunch of tomatoes at the market to make my own tomato sauce for the winter envy. I imagined it would be really easy to do in a slow cooker, if you have one - just skin the tomatoes, chop and bung the flesh in (not the seeds) with a bouquet garni, a couple of cloves of garlic, and maybe a splash of balsamic vinegar, a carrot and a couple of sticks of celery.

KnickersandVests Mon 07-Sep-09 14:16:07

You could try making your own sun dried tomatoes, in the oven maybe, (just guessing there) or perhaps your own tomato puree?

alypaly Mon 07-Sep-09 14:17:04

freeze them and use for curries and chillies

KellyDD Wed 09-Sep-09 11:18:38

Maybe just use them to make a nice fresh tomato sauce like passata or just a nice tomato and basil or tomato & chilli sauce to use on pasta later?

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