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Tesco Finest Meal for Two - £9

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Sparkler Sat 05-Sep-09 22:27:04

DH and I have just had one of these and I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed it.
I was a bit worried that it wouldn't be enough but we are both absolutely stuffed and we can't even manage to eat the pudding - saving for tomorrow.

Our choice today was:

Main Dish - Lamb Mousakka
Side Dish - Thick Cut Chips
Dessert - Bread and Butter Puddings
Drink - Bottle of Rose Wine

Very good value and a lovely treat! When I think of how much we spend if we order a takeaway shock. Will defintely be doing this again.
Yum! smile

CocoaCloset Sat 05-Sep-09 22:46:40

We sometimes get these too and enjoy them. They aren't as well advertised as the M&S equivalent but are really good value - the wine is usually pretty good too.

pinkthechaffinch Sun 06-Sep-09 21:30:52

We enjoyed the steak au poivre option last week. It was lovely, melted in our mouths!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Sun 06-Sep-09 21:32:35

I've just ordered the same apart from we're having chocolate pots for dessert!

Glad it's tasty - I'm really looking forward to it now.

SomeGuy Mon 07-Sep-09 01:27:23

takeaway is only about £9 though isn't it?

I had a large king prawn chow mein yesterday, it cost £4.50.

skybright Mon 07-Sep-09 01:42:42

We must be greedy them Someguy,mine always cost about £20 for the two of us.

SomeGuy Mon 07-Sep-09 01:50:12

oh well it depends where you go I guess. I will admit to spending about £30 on Indian takeaway, cos it's nicer than the cheaper ones.

OTOH, the fried chicken shop (like KFC but with added chili sauce) is cheap. And a chow mein makes a cheapish lunch.

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