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RealityIsNOTDetoxing Sat 05-Sep-09 20:44:29

Message withdrawn

Hormonesnomore Sat 05-Sep-09 20:51:18

Yeah, but they're yummy aren't they?

I just fancy some now...

IdrisTheDragon Sat 05-Sep-09 20:52:03

They aren't good. Sadly, DS likes them. DD doesn't though, which is good.

RealityIsNOTDetoxing Sat 05-Sep-09 20:53:11

Message withdrawn

IdrisTheDragon Sat 05-Sep-09 20:53:48

I have some in the fridge as there was an offer somewhere. DS will be having them smile

QueenOfFuckingEverything Sat 05-Sep-09 20:54:40

And how much are they paying you for this little bit of promotion then Reality?

They was ripped grin

millenniumfalcon Sat 05-Sep-09 20:55:34

have cheesestrings asked you to make parents aware of this hmm

RealityIsNOTDetoxing Sat 05-Sep-09 20:55:57

Message withdrawn

RealityIsNOTDetoxing Sat 05-Sep-09 20:56:34

Message withdrawn

QueenOfFuckingEverything Sat 05-Sep-09 20:57:55

You are just stringing them along eh [groan]

JulesJules Sat 05-Sep-09 20:57:57

Cheesestrings, for example, is a twat.

weegiemum Sat 05-Sep-09 20:58:36

I suppose now is the point we should report you and the words "off" and "fuck" should appear?


They are rubbish. We've had some in our fridge for weeks cos we got them on a BOGOF and even dd2, who eats anything, only ate one then said "can I have real cheese next time?"

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sat 05-Sep-09 20:58:47

that thread this morning was funny. Bless her and her transparent ways. I was almost sad to see it had been deleted.

QueenOfFuckingEverything Sat 05-Sep-09 20:59:50

There's been another one since MMOC.

I'm getting cheesed off with it now.

millenniumfalcon Sat 05-Sep-09 21:02:05

aw just the one? i was hoping there'd been hundreds that got deleted before i got to them. she's not really putting in the effort is she?

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sat 05-Sep-09 21:05:20

Ah, I missed the other one. Damn. All publicity is good publicity eh? I really don't think so.

Neon Sat 05-Sep-09 21:12:41

Yum! :P

KIMItheThreadSlayer Sat 05-Sep-09 21:19:29

The words cheese strings and food should not be used in the same sentence grin

wuglet Sat 05-Sep-09 21:29:53

But which colour is the shittest?

EccentricaGallumbits Sat 05-Sep-09 21:31:29

any sort of cheese is good.

i als lke ppperami grin

kitkat1353 Tue 08-Sep-09 00:01:59

Message withdrawn

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