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Will it count as one of my five a day if.............................................................

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Sparkler Fri 04-Sep-09 20:46:21

....I polish off this 200g bar of Dairy Milk Apricot Crumble Crunch Chocolate bar that DH has just come back from the shop with for me??
grin grin
Oh and not forgetting my calcium with the glass and a half of milk!!! grin

Tortington Fri 04-Sep-09 20:47:31

i think so - if not more

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 04-Sep-09 20:47:33

You feeling better?

PrincessToadstool Fri 04-Sep-09 20:47:58

Cocoa = beans = veg

Sparkler Fri 04-Sep-09 20:57:52

PrincessToadstool - I definitely agree
FabBakerGirlIsBack - So-so hmm

If I polish off the whole bar there should'nt be any problem at all really. It will more chocolate that even I can manage and so I shall be sick and there will be no evidence in my body that I have actually consummed it at all. grin

Sparkler Fri 04-Sep-09 21:32:49

Well I'm giving it a good go!! Haha!

KirstyJC Fri 04-Sep-09 21:35:31

I'm sure you are right - it contains fruit doesn't it? Go for it!grin

I always think chocolate oranges count too....they even look like fruit as well! (Well, the wrapper does).

<stumbles off to fridge to check for chocolate>

eeky Sat 05-Sep-09 21:12:48

I firmly maintain that Cadbury's Fruit & Nut counts as 2 of my 5 a day - well, certainly when pg and bf anyway. Have had moderate intake thru this pg with dc2 and am looking forward to upping intake to gargantuan proportions when he is born sometime in next 2 weeks. Last time, with dd, could not eat enough of it whilst bf; a month after her birth I weighed a stone less than pre-pg(which was large I have to say..)

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