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Lasagne - where am I going wrong?

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Pinkjenny Fri 04-Sep-09 16:26:01

Occasionally, the top layer of pasta, despite being covered in white sauce and cheese, goes hard. Crunchy pasta = grim.

I was wondering whether it could be:

a) my oven is too high
b) not enough cheese/white sauce coverage

Any ideas? Off home to make it at 5pm.

Cies Fri 04-Sep-09 16:27:34

Mine sometimes goes hard where the pasta has risen slightly and the cheese sauce has slid off it. So I suspect it's probably due to 2).

CMOTdibbler Fri 04-Sep-09 16:29:29

Bit of both I think. Could also be that your sauce is a bit thick if it is not precook sheets so the top layer doesn't get quite enough liquid in.

You could try soaking the sheets for the top layer in boiling water for a few minutes whilst you assemble the rest to see if this is the case

bellavita Fri 04-Sep-09 16:30:15

I would say there is not enough coverage. I usually put mine in the microwave for a few mins to get it going then put it in the oven at 190 degrees for around 40 mins.

Pinkjenny Fri 04-Sep-09 16:38:21

I will try both ideas, ta. And if they don't work, I'll just give the crunchy bits to dh, as usual.

Trikken Fri 04-Sep-09 16:56:04

I love making lasagne, and you definately have to make sure there is plenty of white sauce on the top and again not too thick. i usually put half a pack of cheese on too for good measure, as you can tell mine is nice and healthy, but dh loves it so cant complain.

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 08-Sep-09 10:51:00

I never put a top layer of pasta on, just meat, pasta, meat, pasta, meat sauce.

LadyStealthPolarBear Tue 08-Sep-09 10:52:13

mmm i love the crunchy bits

ib Tue 08-Sep-09 10:53:39

I always precook the sheets even though it says not to. I just find them much nicer that way.

MmeLindt Tue 08-Sep-09 10:56:05

I always make my lasagne in the morning and let it sit all day so that the flavour seeps through the pasta and the pasta cooks better. I put the final layer of cheese on just before putting it in the oven.

Have even prepared it the night before.

Fizzylemonade Thu 10-Sep-09 19:54:56

I'm like Tikken, lots of cheese on top, that melts and protects the the pasta.

Serving it with a salad makes it healthy grin

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