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Good recipes for freezing - new baby on the way!

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iliketrees Mon 31-Aug-09 18:39:31

Expecting third baby in few weeks time and want to do some batches of cooking for freezing. Trying to make sure older ones get some proper dinners when life goes crazy. Any suggestions?

squirrel42 Mon 31-Aug-09 18:50:02

Basic cooked onions and mince in tomato sauce can be turned into spag bol, chilli, lasagane, shepherds pie, etc with not too much work on the day.

Cooked veg in tomato sauce (think ratatouille) can also be served up with pasta, cous cous, potatoes.

Giant pots of soup or stew, to be served with chunks of bread.

You can also make up pizza dough and freeze that, then you only have to defrost and add toppings.

If things get really desperate you can always freeze bread and just defrost and toast!

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