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Milk for a one year old

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teenytinypontipine Sun 30-Aug-09 22:08:17

Hello all

I have a question about milk/formula milk for one year olds. My son has just turned one and I have started to give him full fat cows milk for his drink in the morning and before bed. When I was in the supermarket I saw Junior formula milk for children 1+, should I give him this instead of/as well as cows milk or is regular cows milk sufficient for him?

Not sure if this is relevant but his normal diet is as follows: milk when he wakes (usually at 6.30ish and he drinks approx 200ml). Breakfast one slice of toast, 2 pieces of fruit with natural yoghurt and a small bowl of cereal. Lunch is typically chicken and vegetables, shepherds pie, chilli and rice or risotto etc followed by a fruit pot. For tea he has something light like an omlette with cheese and tomato, spinach and chickpeas or mashed banana and avocado then before bed he has more milk, again usually about 200 ml.

Im a bit confused about the formula I saw for 1+. I live overseas so dont have a HV I can ask, or anyone really blush. Hope this is in the right place although I do appreciate its a milk question as opposed to food per se

thisisyesterday Sun 30-Aug-09 22:19:26

cow's milk is absolutely fine.
the formula stuff is just a way for formula manufacturers to a) promote their brand and b) make more money out of you!

teenytinypontipine Sun 30-Aug-09 22:31:29

Thanks for the reply This is my first baby so I think I overthink things sometimes, I know cows milk is what he should be on but when I saw the 1+ I suddenly wasnt sure if you know what I mean.

callaird Mon 31-Aug-09 14:23:56

His diet sounds great, it doesn't look as if he needs extra vitamins and minerals that they put into "follow-on" milk.

Like thisisyesterday says, it is just a gimmick for the manufacturers make more money by telling parents that it is better for them, as long as a child has a healthy, varied diet then he doesn't need anything else!

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