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Meal ideas for 20 Month old??

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didsnbump Sun 30-Aug-09 21:07:37

My DS is coming on for 20 Months, and still doesnt really eat with a spoon other than his yoghurts and some cerals.
Im finding im giving him the same things to eat all the time so he can use his fingers or a fork, which he can do quite well when he wants to.
Im giving bascially meat veg and potatoes for tea, and sandwichs or cheese on toast for lunch. i can sometimes spoon feed him things like sheperds pie with veg mashed in and sorry to say but blended spag bol as he has gone from eating it non blendered at an early age to spiting it out if its not. He will also still eat a few jars but i really wanna get him to eat our meals all the time but im sick of meat and veg (although i have tried lots and finding him very fussy with things now)?

All ideas most appreicate for growing fussy toddler??

Tinfoil Sun 30-Aug-09 22:57:35

Fish, scrambled eggs, chicken with rice.

thisisyesterday Sun 30-Aug-09 22:59:51

mine just ate whatever we had

if it's spoon-y type stuff i used to load up the spoon for ds2 who refused to be fed, and he would put it in himself.
or use his hands lol

SycamoretreeIsVile Sun 30-Aug-09 23:06:37

DS is just two and here are some of the stuff he eats, in case it inspires you.

His favourite, chilli con carne and rice. I make Jamie Oliver's recipe as advised by someone in MN and replace the chilli with a bit of paprika. He absolutely loves it, can spoon it himself and if you've got a DS who is still preferring smoother foods it might work. I blend the chilli so it's quite smooth - a bit like Mexican hot pot - no beans to chew etc.

Fish pie - toddler staple (until they reject it aged 2.5, obviously)

Still going strong on Anabel Karmel's butternut squash risotto..

M&S do nice breaded chicken. Don't be tempted to overpay for their kids teddy bear things. Buy the oakham chicken breaded small portions and freeze. They are perfect size for toddlers and not at all dry like a lot of frozen chicken can be. easier for toddler to chew.

Sheps pie.

Sausage/fish cakes/fishfingers with pots and a veg (I'm lying, he only eats Broccoli and sometimes carrots if I hide them wink)

Tuna mayo sandwich with cucumber sticks.

I make a bolognaise sauce with turkey mince and you could try him with conchigliette or some other very small pasta shape. The turkey mince is so much easier to chew than beef and I like keeping the red meat down as he does love his sheps pie and sausages...

Ok - that's probably enough from me. smile

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