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need to make brunch for 18 plus children - help!

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alicet Sun 30-Aug-09 14:33:25

We are having a family party next weekend and the day after I have offered to make brunch which will be for 18 adults and 7 children.

I cook a lot and am pretty handy in the kitchen but for some reason I am totally stumped.

Ideally is needs to be something I can make a couple of days in advance as I won't want to do anything that needs a lot of preparation on the day. Needs to be vegetarian or include a veggie alternative. Obviously needs to be suitable for children (they all eat pretty varied stuff though so this isn't too much of a sticking point).

And doesn't need to cost too much please!


MissisBoot Sun 30-Aug-09 14:40:29

How about kedgeree then depending on whether the veggies eat fish you can make one without the fish?

Easy to make too.

bobs Sun 30-Aug-09 14:40:38

If they're sitting down, baked potatoes with fillings like mince, chili, baked beans, tuna mayo etc plus grated cheese - salad/garlic bread on the side.
Or anything that can be made in one pot/dish and reheated on stove/in oven - chicken pie with mash on top, cottage pie, stew(more pricey) - need a separate veggy alternative though.
This would be easier than a cold buffet, though you could always buy pork pie, sausage rolls, crisps etc but pretty boring IMP and needs more doing on the day.
Hope this helps

jeminthecellar Sun 30-Aug-09 14:43:02

Toast, bacon and/or sausage and egg buns...means you have to do it all on the morning tho.

alicet Sun 30-Aug-09 14:46:30

Liking all those ideas - esp the jacket potatoes and various fillings although might do that for lunch the day before (presume potatoes will stay warm on low in oven without spoiling too much?) - have started another thread about the lunch too!

Kedgeree sounds yummy too - make this a lot for my lot and would be great.

I'd thought about the breakfast buns and had decided against because I thought I'd be spending all my time in the kitchen. WOuld be yummy though and we have a great butchers neary that makes sausages thatare out of this world...

Plenty to think on so thanks!!!

bobs Sun 30-Aug-09 14:55:29

Whoops, sorry - for brunch I read lunch - but as yr doing lunch as well....jacket pots will be fing in the oven for ages - I wrap min individually in foil the day before
So for brunch, just buy a load of mixed pastries -croissants etc and warm in the oven - perhaps too simple but easy - perhaps sausage/vegan butties?

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