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Quick! Lunch for today - chicken pieces - what? how?

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MrsMattie Sat 29-Aug-09 11:01:00

Got 3 people coming for lunch at 1.30pm. Got a load of chicken thighs and legs. I want to serve with various salads and bread. Dont have a bbq. What do I need to do to ensure they come out of the oven tender and yummalicious and not slimy and tasteless? Seasoning ideas? marinades?

Thanking you!

MrsMattie Sat 29-Aug-09 11:01:43

Not jerk, as one of the women is Jamaican and will scoff in the face of my jerk seasoning efforts

MrsMattie Sat 29-Aug-09 11:34:59


Scootergrrrl Sat 29-Aug-09 11:46:25

Coat in olive oil, garlic and lemon juice then roast in the oven?

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