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Guinness cake - will it keep until Thursday??

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strongblackcoffee Sat 29-Aug-09 10:03:06

Help me please... I'm not very experienced at baking, but I have to make a cake for my Dad's 70th on Thursday. We're away with them all week (leaving tomorrow) so I have to make it today. Probably going to make Nigella's guinness cake. Will it keep until Thursday??? Should I freeze it overnight tonight?


strongblackcoffee Sat 29-Aug-09 10:50:44

anyone...? [hopeful smile]

minervaitalica Sat 29-Aug-09 13:50:13

Frankly I only keep fresh "spongy" cakes like that for 2-3 days as I find that you can tell that they are not "fresh" (obv. trad. fruit cakes last much longer). Having said that I have never made the Guinness one so am not sure how it keeps.

Personally I would freeze and defrost well in advance on the day.

strongblackcoffee Sat 29-Aug-09 15:53:05

Thanks miner, that's helpful, I'll probably do that then. It's a bit of a pain cos it'll be hard to keep secret, but I don't really want to eat stale cake...

Unless anyone else can tell me anything different about this specific cake?!

janeite Sat 29-Aug-09 17:13:47

It has fresh cream in the icing, so I wouldn't keep it that long - also it tends to dry out around the edges after a couple of days.

It is so lovely though but I think freezing is the way forward. Have you made one and frozen it before - would you freeze with or without icing?

strongblackcoffee Sun 30-Aug-09 08:39:21

I made it last night, and I have just put it in the freezer (without icing). Fingers crossed, but it's all looking good! Thanks v much for the help! grin

milknosugarplease Sun 30-Aug-09 19:32:59

Nigellas guiness cake??

god that things delicious!!!

mmm i want some now!!


milknosugarplease Sun 30-Aug-09 19:35:41

if you havent iced it it will be fine in freezer-just let it getto room temp before serving

if you have iced it...i dont think it will work

good luck!

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