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Your tried and tested fish recipes

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Bobbins Fri 16-May-03 11:00:35

Looking for inspiration. Anyone got any yummy recipes?

lucy123 Fri 16-May-03 11:06:07

get some white fish. put on some slices of garlic, a sprinkle of tarragon and lashings of butter and lemon juice. wrap up in tin-foil and slap in oven for about 20 mins or so (or 30 if the fish was frozen).

One of my favourite easy recipes!

Marina Fri 16-May-03 11:08:17

Salmon grilled with a pesto, lemon and breadcrumb crust. Just mix the pesto, breadcrumbs and juice of half a lemon (per 2 fillets, whole lemon and more of everything to serve 4), grill the salmon fillets on one side, then spread the mixture onto the ungrilled side when you turn the fish.
Goes nicely with couscous with mint and spring onion, and a nice tomato, avocado and chilli salad on the side.
Bon appetit - can also give recipe for smoked cod and leek risotto if required...

edgarcat Fri 16-May-03 11:09:40

Message withdrawn

SamboM Fri 16-May-03 11:12:41

Kedgerree, yum!

eefs Fri 16-May-03 11:32:29

one cod, coated in batter with nice greasy chips, yum, or do you just want healthy recipies

Bobbins Fri 16-May-03 11:32:34

Marina> yes please. The salmon one sounds delish!

Bobbins Fri 16-May-03 11:35:26

eefs> I'm craving good fish and chips actually. Think I'm gonna have to have them tonight. Haddock and chips I think, I wish I knew which was the best fish and chip shop near me. I am very fussy about the to be slightly soggy but with lots of crispy bits IYKWIM. Harry Ramsden's is too expensive I think.

Blummy, my mouth is watering.

Marina Fri 16-May-03 12:18:03

Ok, Bobbins, you need a knob of butter, a little olive oil, a glass of v. dry white wine, about a pint of made-up Marigold bouillon, about 1lb of undyed smoked cod, three fat leeks, a couple of cloves of garlic, and risotto rice (we use vialone nano). Plus black pepper to season.
Melt the butter with the olive oil in heavy-bottomed pan and sweat the chopped garlic until it starts to go transparent. Add the rice and coat it in the buttery garlic. Toast it for a minute or too until it's all warm then tip in the wine and sizzle. Adding pepper about now would be good. When nearly all the wine is evaporated, start adding hot stock, a little at a time - standard risotto method. About seven minutes in, add the finely chopped leeks. About 12 minutes in, add the fish, which should be cubed. (Cod is better than haddock because it has less tendency to flake into little pieces, but either tastes great). By the time the fish is cooked, the rice should be done to perfection. Some chopped chives garnish this well if you happen to have them around.

Bobbins Fri 16-May-03 13:09:25

Wow...that sounds scrummy, and I already have the marigold in the cupboard. Might make that tomorrow. Thanks

SoupDragon Fri 16-May-03 13:10:26

Take 4 fish fingers, grill until cooked and shove between two slices of buttered bread. Add sauce if required.

willow2 Fri 16-May-03 13:18:06

Soup - you forgot to add that the bread must be best white sliced.

SoupDragon Fri 16-May-03 13:20:09

Hmmm... personally I prefer cut-from-a-loaf multigrain with lots of butter (and it DOES have to be butter).

doormat Fri 16-May-03 13:29:48

Soupy, I know this sounds disgusting but my dp puts a bit of lemon curd on the toast with his fish fingers.

SoupDragon Fri 16-May-03 13:50:38

Well, you do put lemon on fish so it's not that wierd. Although my gut reaction is still EUEWWWW!

debster Fri 16-May-03 14:27:59

Jamie Oliver's tray baked salmon. Put salmon fillets on one side of a baking tray. In a bowl mix a couple of handfuls of blanched fine beans, a handful of cherry tomatoes and black olives with some olive oil, salt and black pepper. Put this mixture on the other side of the baking tray to the salmon. Lay strips of anchovy over the top of the mixture. Bake for about 20 minutes until the salmon is cooked and the anchovies have melted. Mmmmm. Gorgeous with some lovely buttered new potatoes.

willow2 Fri 16-May-03 16:36:32

SoupD - there you go, getting all Delia on me.

pupuce Fri 16-May-03 18:31:51

Jamie Oliver's fish pie.... (book2) - FAB!

Gilli Fri 16-May-03 22:17:38

Easy - peasy - empty carton of supermarket fresh neapolitan pasta sauce into shallow dish. take piece of skinless boneless cod from fish counter of s/m; (about 12oz) cut into two and lay on top of tomato sauce. Can top with breadcrumbs if feeling fancy. Oven bake for 25 - 30 mins. Serve with salad, and if peckish, mashed potato (sometimes with teaspoon of pesto added). Fantastically easy, very tasty, and VVV healthy

eidsvold Sat 17-May-03 14:46:18

spicy fish burgers with a cucumber relish - brilliant......( for four)

300g each of cod and smoked cod roughly chopped ( skinned and boned too of course)
1 onion chopped
curry powder - to personal taste
pinch salt and cracked pepper

whizz in the blender or processor until it is sticking - not pureed of course

scoop out into a bowl and divide into four serves

Shape into burgers - place on a plate in the fridge to 'set'

mix together natural, low fat plain yoghurt, grated cucumber and some dill.... this forms your relish

refrigerate until ready to serve

cook burgers in pan and then create your burger with salad and relish....

yummy and very quick. As I am only cooking for two - i make the recipe and feeze the other two ready for a night when we are in a hurry or just want something light.

eidsvold Sat 17-May-03 14:48:23

we also grill salmon or trout ... mix lemon/lime juice with dill and sit the pieces in that then grill on the grill/george foreman grill... serve with salad or veges.. yummy..

ScummyMummy Sat 17-May-03 15:27:49

MMMMM these sound lovely. (apart from the lemon curd and fish finger dish- sorry Doormat!) I might have to make some fishy risottos and fingers and pies soon.

motherinferior Mon 19-May-03 08:35:29

In moments of knackered lack of imagination, smoked mackerel shredded into cooked basmati rice, along with frozen peas, forms the basis of a surprisingly nice emergency sub-kedgeree. Add chopped tomatoes, lemon juice, artichoke hearts, etc, as available and/or desired...

poppyloppy Mon 19-May-03 10:04:39

Marina, did the salmon, pesto breadcrumby dish yesterday (with the couscous too). Fab! Highly recommend it to anyone else. Looking forward to lunchtime (already!) cos have the leftovers with me.

bayleaf Mon 19-May-03 10:21:47

Fionn will back me up with this one - I got it out a magazine years ago and bizarrely she has the same recipe!
melt 1 oz butter in a pan
fry 2 crushed garlic cloves, i diced onion 1 tsp lemon zest 1 tsp tumeric and 2 tsp curry powder for 5 mins
add 8oz diced salmon fillet and 2oz sultanas
stir until fish is cooked
stir in 1lb cooked rice and 4oz diced smoked salmon ( if you're feeling rich! The trimmings are quite cheap) 2tbsp of flaked almonds ( I rarely bother) and fresh coriander
serves 4
if you're feeling v rich there's a potato layre with smoked salmon which is also yummy tho v calorific!

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