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can I make bruschetta with mozzarella and tomato ahead of time?

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brimfull Fri 28-Aug-09 17:18:55

and how do I stop it getting soggy?

Fraochsmum Fri 28-Aug-09 17:24:35

I wouldn't bother with the bread part, but you can do a tomato & basil 'salsa' beforehand and keep it in the fridge, and slice the mozzarella. Just bung it on the bread when needed and toasting it doesn't take any time.
Could go some right now actually...

mammamic Fri 28-Aug-09 17:26:46

not really - but they're so quick, you shouldn't need to.

get good bruschetta bread and if you can't find any, then look for pain rustique or similar

get good (tasty) fresh tomatoes - roughly chop, put in a sieve, add salt to taste - leaave over a bowl for 10 mins or so - this will get rid of excess water.
also, if there's loads of seeds, try and take some out as you really only want the flesh
mozzarella di bufala - roughly chopped or sliced
clove of garlic
olive oil

rub one side of each bread slice with the garlic clove
drizzle each slice, garlicy side up
cook the bread in a hot pan - preferably a griddle pan or a bbq is good to
cook both sides
when bread is toasted put on a tray
add tomatoes and mozzarella
put under the grill

when cheese starts to melt, they're done.

add a few sprigs of fresh basil to serve if you have it.


brimfull Fri 28-Aug-09 17:30:00

aargh thanks but

needs to be done before hand am having 45 epople to party sunday eve

may need to rethink

how come waitrose sell bread canapes on their entertaining section-surely they are soggy by the time you get them??

Scootergrrrl Fri 28-Aug-09 17:42:26

Could you do it separately - have a plate of toasted garlicy bread and a dish of mozarella and tomato for people to spoon on themselves?

brimfull Fri 28-Aug-09 17:43:57

hmm yes good idea

I want it to beable to be eaten without plate and sitting as haven't got the sapce

any ideas on the bread canape conundrum??

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