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amizzymummy Fri 28-Aug-09 15:29:05

Have accidently agreed to have a dinner party tomorrow night for six friends.

None are fussy eaters but i don't want to chilli or such like, would like to do impressive but easy starter, main and pud.

Have to go shopping today for bits as out most of tomorrow and they are coming round about 7.30pm tomorrow.

so was thinking poss baked camembert to begin, or goats cheese and walnut salad,

For main pref something to bung in oven poss moroccan thingy and serve with cous cous or fish wrapped in parma ham with roasted toms, but what type of pots, poss dauphinous?

pud maybe lemony tart/mousse

opinions and ideas please, thanks

Ravenousbeast Fri 28-Aug-09 15:32:37

This is a great main dish cod recipe

It's a mumsnet one & its gorgeous & brilliant to do as a dish you put in the iddle of the table & dip into - salad & bread essential

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