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I have sausages and new pototoes to use up

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fruitstick Thu 27-Aug-09 17:29:00

Any ideas?

fishie Thu 27-Aug-09 17:30:41

prawn cocktail

BusyBeeWithThree Thu 27-Aug-09 17:33:06

spanish tortilla?

peach melba.

juneybean Thu 27-Aug-09 17:34:34


Dare I say sausage casserole? :D

millenniumfalcon Thu 27-Aug-09 17:37:33

sausage and potato salad - chopped up with red onion and a nice vinegary dressing.

fruitstick Thu 27-Aug-09 17:39:00

ho ho ho

I meant apart from the obvious! I thought some of you might have some original thoughtsgrin

PrincessToadstool Thu 27-Aug-09 17:40:18

Oh god I would just cook and eat as they are. My favourite, with a big green salad.

millenniumfalcon Thu 27-Aug-09 17:40:26

terribly sorry mine wasn't original enough for you, won't bother resisting the urge to take the piss in future.

fruitstick Thu 27-Aug-09 17:45:14

milleniumfalcon I really didn't mean you! Your idea actually sounds really nice and was exactly the kind of suggestion I was after blush.

I hadn't refreshed the page before I typed.

millenniumfalcon Thu 27-Aug-09 17:48:10

sorry complete overreaction fs, it's that time of the day, kids driving me spare blush too.

StirlingTheTired Thu 27-Aug-09 18:44:49

I would roast sausages, part boil potatoes and then throw in with sausages and add a few cherry tomatoes, if you have any, and a few spoonfuls of balsamic vinegar 5 mins from the end.

Lots of crusty bread to mop up the juices - yummy!

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 27-Aug-09 18:46:28

If you are sick of sausages, deskin them, mix with a few spices, onion breadcrumbs and egg and cook them as meatballs.

KellyDD Wed 09-Sep-09 12:19:15

I know I am posting a bit late but you could try one of these in the future! wink results.y=0

TubOfLardWithInferiorRange Wed 09-Sep-09 19:37:45

I would fry both the sausages and the potatoes in a skillet with some olive oil, garlic, green, yellow, and red peppers, and lots of onions.

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