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Bread makers, anyone?

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katster37 Thu 27-Aug-09 16:25:51

This is probably v boring, but I don't care!! grin
I have been after a bread maker for a while (please don't tell me to make it by hand - I have done about twice but it is so much faffier and there is no way I would ever get into a routine doing it as go to work v early and back fairly late) and was wondering if anyone had any words of wisdom / advice?
I have heard good things about a Panasonic one (which also seems to be fairly pricey) but honestly, do people who have a breadmaker use them regularly or is it just another gadget cluttering your kitchens?
I am particularly keen as I could make low-sodium bread and generally just think it is nicer than the shop-bought sliced stuff.
Any thoughts?

FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 27-Aug-09 16:27:09

I am on my third breadmaker and love it. Shame I can't eat bread sad but the kids love fresh bread for breakfast.

Lilymaid Thu 27-Aug-09 16:40:21

There's another breakmaker thread on here today and many many old threads.
Basically, Panasonics are great, some other makes may be OK but some are a waste of time. I've had my Panasonic for around 10 years and it is still in good nick, though if I had used it daily I suppose it might not have lasted so long.
I use mine to make bread for breakfast by putting it on the delay setting. With the Panasonic small loaves are a better shape than large loaves - the large loaves are not the same shape as shop bought bread. I make white, wholemeal, half and half and granary bread for every day. The seed/nut dispenser is quite useful as it prevents the coating of the pan getting too scratched. I also make pizza dough, Nan bread and a sort of brioche. As you get used to using a bread machine you can adapt and invent your own recipes.
If you get into the habit of using it, it will repay itself quickly. If you don't it will just be another kitchen gadget to store.

JulesJules Thu 27-Aug-09 16:43:13

Panasonic always get good write ups, but they are v pricey. I have a Morphy Richards Fastbake which was about £40, widely available (eg Amazon, Argos, think my sister got hers from Tesco) and it is fab. It is used nearly every day - takes a minute to bung the ingredients in, and you can set the timer so you come down to the gorgeous smell of bread in the morning... I usually use mixed grain/seed type flour, and half the amount of salt the recipe suggests. The bread is absolutely delicious, a lot nicer than bought, and cheaper. My bread maker will also make cakes and jam, apparently! I would not be without it.

katster37 Thu 27-Aug-09 16:48:02

Oooo thank you ladies! And blush Lilymaid that there is already a breadmaker thread on today, I am 7 months pregnant and losing my marbles - that is my excuse, anyway!
Yes I think I probably would get into the habit of using it, although possibly not everyday - maybe twice a week.
Thanks v much for your replies - Jules I had seen the Morphy Richards one - good to see you are getting good use out of it.

tattycoram Thu 27-Aug-09 16:58:11

I've got a Panasonic and use it at least three or four times a week. You need to keep it out on the worktop though - tbh it is a bit of a hassle sometimes, but really does only take a few minutes

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