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which dish at an Indian/chinese restaurant is least fattening? calorific?

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chosenone Thu 27-Aug-09 14:06:28

Im on a health kick, of my own devising loosely based on slimming world, with an awareness of low fat and calories too! Am doing ok, have lost half a stone in 2 weeks (doing circuit training too) but haven't had a meal out yet. Tonight im at the Indian, tomorrow the Chinese! shock

I thought about either a dry biriani maybe with seafood or veggy tonight, or dry chicken tikka? and thought maybe hot and sour soup, and seafood chow mein/rice tomorrow? I know it won't be healthy and I'll have a few wines too! but don't want creamy kormas or duck dishes any ideas?

stubbyfingers Thu 27-Aug-09 14:09:04

I would guess tandoori chicken and salad would be the least calorific (though I don't know SW rules). Dahl?

How about steamed white fish at the Chinese? Or prawns - not deep fried in lovely batter though!

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