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Parmesan breaded chicken

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Thomcat Mon 30-May-05 19:30:26

Here you go...

2 chicken breasts, skin removed and put in a food bag with juice of a fresh lemon squeezed all over and a dash of olive oil. Leave while you prepare everything else.

You'll need:
- plain flour
- dried breadcrumbs, about 25g (make your own with toast and made into breadcrumbs in food processor or you can buy fresh breadcrumbs.
- fresh grated parmesan (same amount as the breadcrumbs, or more if you like)
- some dried herbs and S&p
- 1 egg beaten

* put breadcrumbs, parmesan and herbs in dish
* put flour and s&p in a dish
* beat egg into a bowl
* take chicken and dip, into 1) the flour 2) the egg and then 3) the parmesan and breadcrumbs
* cook chicken for about 25 mins.

Serve with anything but for carb free:

Saute a chopped onion, 4 quartered tomatoes, a sliced courgette and some fresh basil for 10 mins.

Or chicken is also very good with linguine and a fresh tomato sauce.


Louise1980 Mon 30-May-05 20:03:08

Sounds yummy!!!

My ds1 has just taken a liking to parmesan and adds it to a lot of things. Might encourage him to eat chicken now!

collision Mon 30-May-05 22:13:38

Sorry to be thick, TC, but do you cook this in the oven or pan fry?

Sounds yummy and I think ds would like it too.

Thomcat Tue 31-May-05 10:23:29

I do it in the oven. Keeps the breadcrumb coating on easier that way.

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