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My cake recipe says to use food processer but i don't have one!

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maize Wed 26-Aug-09 23:23:14

I have a hand blender with a whisk attachment though.

Its Nigella's chocolate orange cake recipe.

She says just to stick it in the food processor and blitz it and has a bit in on how to do it all by hand. Is there a way I can use my stick blender instead of doing it all by hand because I am very lazy busy.

IOnlyReadtheDailyMailinCafes Wed 26-Aug-09 23:54:37

I sometimes make the clemetine cake using a nand blender, not as quick but doable.

millenniumfalcon Wed 26-Aug-09 23:58:26

get the butter really soft before you attempt this, unless your kitchen needs redecorating. an enormous bowl helps.

maize Wed 26-Aug-09 23:59:11

Oooh thanks, its basically the same as the clementine cake but with chocolate. So it works just fine? And you use the normal blender attatchment?

millenniumfalcon Thu 27-Aug-09 00:00:08

not the bladey one, one with thick plastic paddles if you have them (mine has thin metal ones too, those are for eggs/cream, i think).

IOnlyReadtheDailyMailinCafes Thu 27-Aug-09 00:03:10

It does make a mess though.

maize Thu 27-Aug-09 00:04:15

Oh I am confused now.

I have this:|category_root|Kitchen+and+laundry|14418476/c _2/2|cat_14418476|Small+kitchen+appliances|14418587/c_3/3|cat_14418587|Blenders+and+smoothie+makers| 14418604.htm

Mine also has a whisk attachment.

Which bit would I use?

Stupid broken food processor.

millenniumfalcon Thu 27-Aug-09 00:30:47

not sure if the whisk attachment would be strong enough, mine has double beaters like the old fashioned hand mixer my mum had when i was a kid.

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