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Any ideas for BBQ back up?

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stubbyfingers Wed 26-Aug-09 21:00:03

Now I know you lot are good at this so...

PILs are hosting a small BBQ for family this weekend - I think about 12 adults and maybe 6-8 kids. Of course we've offered to bring something and they've asked that we bring something that would be OK if the BBQ gets rained on.

If it were my choice I would bring a couple of curries - one meat, one veg - but I really don't think that's right for this particular do. I think we need something more boring more simple smile.

Other options are chillis - one meat, one lentil - or meatballs and a kind of salmon pasta thing which was posted here the other day but the link isn't working at the mo.

So to summarise, I'm asking you marvellous foodies for:

1. Main meals for a BBQ/buffet situation
2. one meat, one veg or fish
3. Cooked in advance - as I'll prob have to cook it the day before due to various logistical nightmares involving builders. But could reheat on hob or in oven.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions or even just opinions on what you would like to see if you were a guest.

thanks y'all!

stubbyfingers Wed 26-Aug-09 21:51:34

Credit where credit's due, it was BunnyLebowski who posted it and here's the link to the salmon thing

usedtobeme Wed 26-Aug-09 22:21:05

I'd go for the curries. WHo doesn't like curries?? I could eat curry everynight!

Alternatives would be salad type things that require little or no cooking (good with the builder situ) What about a big bowl of Nigella sesame peanut noodles, some cooked chicken pieces (maybe nigellas buttermilk chicken) and a big bowl of homemade coleslaw or potatoe salad.

Also with salad things they can compliment the bbq and still get used, whereas the curry would be instead of bbq surely.

I'd be delighted to eat either of the above tho!

LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune Wed 26-Aug-09 22:22:23

Ham boiled in coke. easy and delicious.

notamumyetbutoneday Thu 27-Aug-09 08:55:14

I would do a meat lasagne and a veggie lasagne. Less work for you as you can make a double batch of bioth the bechamel sauce and the tomato sauce and use for both. Rasting the veg in olive oil and a dash blasamic vinegar first for the veggie lasagne makes it a bit more special IMO.

stubbyfingers Thu 27-Aug-09 20:25:48

thanks guys. Still really really undecided so far and have to shop for it saturday. Had wondered about a cheese pie and a steak pie, but think perhaps this is madness as I've never done them before. The last time I blind baked for a quiche I ended up with a big 1 inch thick biscuit of pastry with no room for filling. And that was shop bought pastry!

hmmmm <thinking head on>

If I did a ham, any ideas for the veggies?

or lasagnes. yes lasagnes. no, curry. yes curry.

(I have been longing to try the buttermilk chicken though, is it any good?)


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