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Can't get paella rice - what can be used as a substitute?

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flyingcloud Wed 26-Aug-09 18:38:09

Two panicky posts in quick succession.

I am or rather planned to make a chicken/chorizo paella dish for a dinner party tomorrow night. It's from Diana Henry's Cook Simple - great recipe, always goes down well as it's very tasty and a little bit different. However my trip to the bloody French supermarket has left me without paella rice (it's the first time I tried to buy it since being over here) and apparantly they don't stock it (massive supermarket, less than an hour from Paris).

Does anyone know what can be used as a substitute - can I use Arborio risotto rice or will it make it very creamy and will I need to use a lot more stock?

Thanks so much for any help.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

travellingwilbury Wed 26-Aug-09 18:42:04

I have used risotto rice in the past and all has been well . I think they are much the same .

Sounds very yummy by the way

MaureenMLove Wed 26-Aug-09 18:42:10

Risotto rice is absolutely fine. We generally use that, when we can't get paella rice.

pinkmagic1 Wed 26-Aug-09 18:46:50

Agree, risotto rice should be fine. Very similar types of rice.

flyingcloud Thu 27-Aug-09 08:05:51

Thank you very much for your advice - yes it is yummy. I will try and post the recipe. I love the cook book, it's great for shove-in-the-oven recipes that allow me to concentrate on my guests.

Clairencharlie Fri 28-Aug-09 16:36:25

...and long grain rice too. Gordon Ramsay suggests long grain if you can't find paella.

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